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Tein mun lukujärjestyksen kesäkuun alussa jonkun opinto-ohjaajan tms kanssa. Koska koulu on pieni ja muidenkin syiden takia niin kaikki kurssit on oikeastaan ihan kunnon aineita, monethan julkisiin high schooleihin menevät voivat ottaa jotain vähän erikoisempia kursseja mitä meillä Suomessa oo. Mitä mä oon ymmärtänyt niin tuolla koulussa on niikuin 6 päivän lukujärjestys, johon tohon alle teen mallin.
päivä 1 =lukujärjestyksen 1. päivä

Eli jos joku jotain tosta kuvasta tajus niin esim joka maanantai ole täysin samanlainen. Mutta nyt, tossa alla on kurssien kuvaukset. Sain jo muuten mun ekan läksyn, pitää englantiin lukea kirja kesäloman loppuun mennessä.

 Algebra III and Trigonometry
"This class is designed to give students a greater understanding of algebra topics that are important for college and beyond. Topics covered include transformations, both graphically and algebraically, parametric equations, matrices, statistics, modeling regression curves, sequences and series, rational functions, right triangle trigonometry, and the Law of Sines and Cosines. An emphasis will be placed on the use of these skills and their practical applications."
1. Major texts & authors 2. Algebraic 3. Graphical, visual,spatial 4. Numerical

"From ecosystems and evolution to heredity and human physiology, this course focuses on human interactions with the biosphere. The course provides a thoughtful and complete inquiry into basic concepts in ecology, human genetics, evolution, life origins, and the relationship between humans and the living world. Laboratory and field experiences are featured throughout the year. Biology is a required course for graduation and is usually taken in the sophomore year." Ilmeisesti tää on sophomorejen kanssa, eli 10th grade eli selvästi nuorempien, no, open mind, open mind!

English III - American literature
"English III complements the junior-year study of U.S. History. The course offers a survey of authors, genres and literary movements important to the development of American Literature from the Puritan period through the present day. Readings and class discussions ask students to investigate the idea of the American Dream, as well as the way race, genre, religion and socioeconomic status have affected definitions of “the dream” and the ability to obtain it. Major periods under study include the following: Romanticism, Transcendentalism, Realism, Regional Fiction, Naturalism, Modernism, the Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance. In addition to engaging in a literary survey, students learn how to organize ideas and texts in polished essays, as well as in practicing timed SAT responses."

the book
French III
 "In this class, students are challenged by more complex grammatical structures and more detailed vocabulary. Students learn about the French-speaking world through short stories, songs and films. Role plays, interviews and oral presentations about various aspects of French culture enable students to improve their speaking skills, while creative writing assignments, such as fictional stories, poems and postcards help them perfect their language proficiency. All the tenses have been studied by the end of this course."
United States History 

"This yearlong course integrates interdisciplinary study with a thematic approach to the history of the United States from the age of exploration to the present day. Students examine how history and literature reflect the evolution of American culture as it wrestles with race relations, religious and ethnic diversity, gender discrimination, the successes and failures of democratic capitalism, and the tensions between individual liberties and civil rights. With an interpretive and analytical perspective, the class reads, writes, debates, produces and performs, using a variety of learning styles. "

Photography I (syksyllä)

"This is a beginning course for students with little or no darkroom experience (although more advanced photographers may also elect the course). This course covers using a 35mm camera, black and white film processing, printing and enlarging. This is a lab class, but projects require some out-of-class time. This course is offered both semesters. This course satisfies one-half visual arts credit."

Introduction to Digital Filmmaking (keväällä)
"This semester-long introductory course in film-making will initiate students to the basic principles and practices of digital movie making, visual storytelling, and cinematography. The course will be project-based, emphasizing hands-on instruction and exploration in the creation of short films, and to experience the entire creative, technical, and collaborative process of filmmaking. Incorporating the principles of design in digital video production, the course covers the basic aspects of videography/cinematography  and film-making (pre-production, production, and post-production), including storyboarding, the use of digital video cameras, directing, taping, importing footage into the computer, and the effective use of the Industry-standard editing software Final Cut Pro.  Students will learn to make meaningful critical assessments of films as a part of the process in the development of their own work.  The course will conclude with students producing short narrative or documentary films that are an expression of their engagement with the real world or exercises in their personal vehicles for story-telling. "

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